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Jonathan Wright D.B.A. Johnny Only
3545 Smith Drive
Endwell, NY 13760

For Bookings or questions:

Email: djjohnnyonly@gmail.com
Cell phone: 607-427-6659

Hi, I’m Johnny Only! Thanks for visiting our growing community!

Do you want songs your kids will dance to?

Do you want lyrics your kids will learn from?

Do you want music you can enjoy too?

Me too.

So I try my best to write, record, cover, and perform that style for you and your family.

My mission is to make childhood and parenthood more fun.

Musically similar to:
My children’s music sounds like Raffi meeting Laura Berkner at a Wiggles concert.

I combine acoustic guitar & vocals with occasional backing tracks, puppets, juggling and bubble machines to delight and engage audiences.

My goal is to enthusiastically deliver a high energy show that targets early elementary age and younger while still being fun for the entire family. ~Johnny Only