Custom Songs

The songs below are customized and/or ultra personalized songs written for very specific people, groups or occasions.

This first one is a music video and song parody to build awareness for All Saints Catholic School.

School age kids love to sing parodies and they are fantastic for reinforcing a message, a lesson, a cause or for bringing a group together! They last and spread because, as recordings, you can share them on social media sites. Everyone watches them to see themselves and their friends. Parents watch them to see their children. They are the perfect recipe for fun and learning!
If you’d like one for your school or group, contact me.

Your child’s voice in a song – just as they are learning their first words! In this sample, the client had a melody with lyrics but wanted me to do an arrangement and vocals. I had the client record their child and I overdubbed it into the music.

Build excitement and brand recognition with a memorable custom song! In this song for The Animal Adventure Park, I am using elements of a ‘jingle’ while still being educational, entertaining and promoting the arrival of Ollie the Giraffe.

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