That’s the Life for Me (The Pirate Song)

ARRRRRRRRRRR! Shiver me timbers!

Yes indeed! This is an oldie but goodie! A swashbuckling public domain counting song of unknown origin, arranged and rearranged by Johnny Only, just for you!

A bottle of Fun! This song was written back in the days when even the kids drank rum because the water was so bad it would make you sick.

Zoikes! Politically correct kids’ singers don’t croon about alcohol anymore, so I changed the words from a “bottle of rum” to a “bottle of fun.”

From there, I added some pirate phrases, splashing water and pirates shouting so it would feel like we were really on a ship.

Sparks Fly on this Smokin’ Guitar Solo! …You gotta be careful with guitar solos on kids songs. They don’t get as excited about them as grown-ups do, but I think you will agree that this song was just begging for one!

Afterall, if pirates had rock bands, can you imagine the guitar solos they would play?

Fast forward to the last verse for your kids in 2015…
Who doesn’t want to try a rocketship? Especially, after you find out you might be ‘shark bait’ if you stay on the water.

Thusly, Our song ends in the air instead of the sea, but once a pirate- always a pirate!
“And That’s the Life for Me!” AARRRRRRRRRRR!!!

The Moose Song (There Was A Great Big Moose)

May’s Song of the Month: The Moose Song (There Was A Great Big Moose)

Yes, the sound at the beginning is an actual recording of a real moose.

This is a public domain chanting song of unknown origin that grew out of the scouting/camping song tradition that would have a song leader and participation from the group of campers. Like all camp chant/songs, there are many different versions of the song and the hand motions that go with it.

The above music and arrangement is mine. I have taken melody, lyrics and hand motions from various other versions to put together what would work best for my live audiences.

Some really good kids songs are tough to perform for a live audience of kids. I am very happy to announce that this “Moose” song of the month is actually a good performance song for the summer.

It is a call and response song, as well as a “do what I do,” song, similar to, Going On A Bear Hunt, So, I will need backup vocalists to pull it off and hopefully Ashlen or Mikayla will be able to join me for this summer’s performances so we can do this one!

My favorite part the song is the doo-wop style backing vocals but I think I can perform the song without backing tracks if Ashlen or Mikayla are with me. I may put together a backing track version for my solo performances.

Since the hand motions are an intricate part of this song, I hope to get a video up for you soon.

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Strummin’ My Ukulele (The Color Song) by Johnny Only 2015

Lot’s of parents buy kids a ukulele because it is small enough for child-sized hands to hold.

I wrote April’s song-of-the-month to help your kids to hear what a ukulele sounds like in a song and of course, to help them learn about colors.

Your kids will also enjoy the relaxing melody and the… (wait for it) ‘colorful’ images.

I have a music video (coming soon) which will allow the kids to see the colorful things too.

When I perform this song live, I ask the audience help with the words. The kids love changing the colors and the colored objects referred to in the song.

Of course, the kids to learn about rhymes too while finding words that rhyme with the color.

Hopefully the melody is simple enough that you can sing it without the accompaniment. Or better still, pick up your child’s ukulele and strum right along!