Sponsor playdates

If you or someone you know is interested in sponsoring a series of Johnny Only Musical Playdates, below are some of the benefits your company or organization may reap when they sponsor Johnny Only Musical-Playdates:

The way it works:

A) You sponsor a play-date or series of musical play-dates.

B) Your banner and/or logo is prominently displayed during the programs.

C) We can offer your flyers, coupons or promotional materials to audiences at the musical play-dates you sponsor.

D) Your sponsorship will be acknowledged, thanked and appreciated in my social media, email lists, and at my programs.

E) If you sponsor ten musical play-dates or more, I will write a Jingle for you and perform it at the shows you’ve sponsored.

F) Custom individualized promotion needs will be considered and negotiated as well.

What it costs:

$350 per show

Yes, it is tax deductible for businesses as a marketing expense because it is advertising your brand.

Read the benefits below to see whether this is right for you:

1. Impact: Some of Johnny’s songs are about the immediate area that kids can actually go and visit. (Highland Park, Ross Park Zoo, Animal Adventure Park) Most of the songs are interactive and activity based. (jump, spin, march, etc) Johnny’s songs are about real things people can do and touch. If you are a local business, this is where you want to be.

2. Repetition of playdates: Kids thrive on repetition, so families come again and again. They members get to know each other, they network, they make new friends. They are more than an audience, they are a mini community/ a micro-culture of shared interests. Your brand or message will be repeatedly reinforced by this.

3. Emotional appeal: You are sponsoring a feeling instead of an event. At the end of each program, many of the kids crowd around Johnny to get a goodbye hug. It is personal – not commercial. People are happy, loving and interacting with their kids -infants, toddlers and pre-k. Your brand or message will be linked with family, love, warmth and happiness.

4. Upbeat and positive content. Johnny’s songs are cheerful, motivational and inspirational. It is a hopeful atmosphere reinforcing the new generation that is in attendance. Your brand or message will be linked with hope for the future.

5. Developmental in nature: Johnny’s songs and activities engage the kids in language and musical-play in such a way that it helps them to learn how to speak, listen, socialize and take verbal cues. They learn about moving their body, they get exercise, they learn about bubbles, guitars, rhythm, rhyming, singing and dancing. It is an atmosphere celebrates personal growth and learning through fun and exploration. Is there something you want people to learn about your brand or message?

6. The audience represents young families who are proactive by nature. People who are raising young children are on the ultimate mission. By definition, they are the most inspired and motivated group alive. The growing families in Johnny’s audiences are the raw energy that fuels our culture. This means they drive consumer power as well. Growing families are growing consumers: Is this the playing field that you want your brand or message to be on?

7. Outside of the playdates: Kids songs, CD’s and DVD’s get played, listened to and watched over and over again way more often than grown up media. Adult consumers, as parents, are always close by, whether they want to hear the repetition or not. They fall asleep with the lyrics and melodies swimming in circles through their dreams. As a songwriter, Johnny can place your brand or message into his song lyrics that can become part of the live show or even on a CD. How would you like your message or brand to be the last thing people are thinking about before they fall asleep?

8. Audiences are dancing, singing, motioning, jumping and getting a ton of exercise. Most of Johnny’s songs are movement oriented. Think “Head and Shoulder’s Knees and Toes” on steroids. This means that audiences are not just watching and listening, they are physically interacting with your brand or message.

9. Families actually go into withdrawal when musical playdates don’t happen. This is a testimony to the culture created by a weekly format of musical play-dates. Musical play-dates are not as much about Johnny Only’s music as they are about getting together with friends and family. That means you are not sponsoring a one time event that is easily forgotten. You are sponsoring families in a close-knit community, -a micro-culture.

10. A majority of the adults in the audience are moms and it is statistically proven that mom’s are responsible for 85% of purchases made in the household. If you want action around your brand or message, mom’s are the ones that are going to make it happen. The moms are at musical play-dates with Johnny Only. Please contact us if you’d like your brand or message to be there too.

11. Musical-Playdate audiences tend to be people of higher education, affluence, discernment and influence. Musical-Playdates attract a demographic that cares enough about their kids to actively come to the shows and participate. They have the desire and the means to be involved and the intellect to recognize their positive impact. This is the type of consumer whose word of mouth experience with your brand or message will be trusted and acted upon. Johnny Only bonding at a musical playdate