Strummin’ My Ukulele (The Color Song) by Johnny Only 2015

Lot’s of parents buy kids a ukulele because it is small enough for child-sized hands to hold.

I wrote April’s song-of-the-month to help your kids to hear what a ukulele sounds like in a song and of course, to help them learn about colors.

Your kids will also enjoy the relaxing melody and the… (wait for it) ‘colorful’ images.

I have a music video (coming soon) which will allow the kids to see the colorful things too.

When I perform this song live, I ask the audience help with the words. The kids love changing the colors and the colored objects referred to in the song.

Of course, the kids to learn about rhymes too while finding words that rhyme with the color.

Hopefully the melody is simple enough that you can sing it without the accompaniment. Or better still, pick up your child’s ukulele and strum right along!