The Moose Song (There Was A Great Big Moose)

May’s Song of the Month: The Moose Song (There Was A Great Big Moose)

Yes, the sound at the beginning is an actual recording of a real moose.

This is a public domain chanting song of unknown origin that grew out of the scouting/camping song tradition that would have a song leader and participation from the group of campers. Like all camp chant/songs, there are many different versions of the song and the hand motions that go with it.

The above music and arrangement is mine. I have taken melody, lyrics and hand motions from various other versions to put together what would work best for my live audiences.

Some really good kids songs are tough to perform for a live audience of kids. I am very happy to announce that this “Moose” song of the month is actually a good performance song for the summer.

It is a call and response song, as well as a “do what I do,” song, similar to, Going On A Bear Hunt, So, I will need backup vocalists to pull it off and hopefully Ashlen or Mikayla will be able to join me for this summer’s performances so we can do this one!

My favorite part the song is the doo-wop style backing vocals but I think I can perform the song without backing tracks if Ashlen or Mikayla are with me. I may put together a backing track version for my solo performances.

Since the hand motions are an intricate part of this song, I hope to get a video up for you soon.

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Counting To 100 -by Johnny Only- A Workout, Speed Up song complete with a Cool Down

I wrote this song to celebrate counting, fitness, and dance. It is a hi energy-speed-up version complete with a cool-down at the end.

A ton of fun for parents and kids at home or for students and teachers in the classroom. Whether you need a break from homework or just an excuse to get up and dance, you’ll be laughing, smiling and feeling re-energized by the end.

An extra special Thank-You-Shout-Out to the All Saints All-Stars First Grade Music Class for making this video so much fun! I love you guys!

The Counting Song (Up to Twenty) by Johnny Only 2015

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The Counting Song (Up to Twenty) by Johnny Only 2015

My idea was to do a short simple finger-play with music.

I was thinking of the “Whoops Johnny” fingerplay, but it just wasn’t coming together. Too short.

So I thought I would combine the finger-play with counting, but that didn’t come together either.

Then I decided on counting fingers and toes – that seemed more interesting. I was going to count up to ten twice.

That idea was progressing nicely until I met up with a friend who was talking about how her 2 and half year old could already count up to thirteen.

Clearly I had to up the ante. So, I set my sights on twenty. I came up with a nice bit, but half of the melody was too much like the opera and the other half was too much like a rap.

Contrary to popular belief, I need a bit more practice before I am any threat to Eminem.

Enter my daughter, Ashlen. She had a few choice words that I felt were a bit harsh. Double Yikes!!

Time for a total re-do. Yikes!

Phew! It sounds good! Even Ashlen likes the song.

Now for the video. I was just going to sit in front of the camera and count my fingers and toes. I thought that would work pretty nice…

Enter my daughter, Ashlen. She had a few choice words that I felt were a bit harsh. Triple Yikes!!


The good news is that Ashlen grabbed the Camcorder and started ordering me around. She tossed me the dog and even told me to sing into a mic that was not plugged in. Who does that anymore?

Then Ashlen told me to hold the camera while she danced around. She did everything with only one take. She made me do about 20 takes.

Next, I spent the next three days in front of the computer mixing video while she did selfies and snapchats with her friends….

We ended up with the song and video above.

I hope you like it!

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