Sit Down and the World Sits Too 2016 remix

“Sit Down and the World Sits Too” 2016

This is my 2016 re-write/re-mix of a song I wrote nearly ten years ago and the original version is still on my YouTube channel.

This hot new version fills in what the other version lacked. It has everything a quality kid’s activity song should have.

The tempo is just right for the young people to follow and the movements are big and fun while exercising the entire body.

The secret sauce is the positive messages embedded in the lyrics.

If you’ve ever been to therapy (yeah, I’ve been to lots) or listened to motivational speakers, (I need to listen to more of them) they all say that you unconsciously project upon the world around you that which you do or think. (So if you stand up, you are more likely to perceive the world as standing with you, even if they aren’t.)

But then there is the leadership law which says that if you stand up, there is a good chance that someone else will take your lead and actually stand up too.

So you can affect both your internal AND your external reality!

And I want my kids to know they can do that!

Two more positive messages in the middle section:

One for our sleep deprived parents – “Sometimes you’ve got to lay down and go to sleep.”
And another for you goal setters – “to make your dreams come true, stand up and follow through!”

Yeah, they are subtle, but they sink into our subconscious and bit by bit, they make our lives better.

Anyway, all preaching aside…

I think this live video (synced with the studio recording) will be just the thing to help you to share the fun with your kids.

Please enjoy them while they are young!