Love Grows 1 x 1 song with alternate hand-motions-for-kids verses

Yes, I re-wrote the verses to make them more kid-friendly!

The song is by Carol Johnson, but while her lyrics in the choruses make for lovely hand motions, the beautiful verses she wrote do not make good hand motions. This causes the kids to lose interest during the verses.

So, I re-wrote words in the verses so the kids could do hand motions to them.

My music video shows the original chorus hand motions and the new verses hand motions which I re-wrote.

I hope you like it, and more importantly I hope this new version keeps your kids interested even during the verses!

Hello, How Are You, song

Below is December’s song-of-the-month in case you forgot to sign up to receive it automatically.

This is my “Hello” song. by Johnny only 2015

Little kids can be uncomfortable with greetings. This song will help them by giving them multiple ways to say hello!

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