What are Johnny Only’s Musical Play Dates?

Hi, I’m Johnny Only!

I have been performing live music for children in the Southern Tier for the past 10 years using a format I call Musical Play-dates.

My Musical Play-dates are weekly programs that combine live music performance with the informal elements of play-dates.

Parents/caregivers attend with their children to bond, mingle and play with my musical performances as the backdrop.

All ages are invited:

From infants and just crawling, to toddlers, pre-K and school age children.

There is no child too young or too old to benefit from developmental play and musical bonding with their parent/caregiver and peers.

And anyone who has raised a small child without other adults to talk to will realize that parents, grandparents and caregivers benefit from the socialization as much, if not more than the children do.

It’s a truly heartwarming and beautiful thing to see!

Johnny Only Musical Playdates
Whether it is musical help learning verbal skills, social skills or just enjoying holiday fun, all ages are welcome!

Typical numbers to attend these mid-week morning play-dates range between 100-200 guests each time.

These are not music concerts that happen one time and exist solely for their entertainment value.

In fact, musical performance is only a backdrop for the actual benefits of attending.

Why should you attend? You may be surprised how much you and your child will enjoy these features below:

A) They are a weekly support group that allows parents and caregivers to mingle with peers in the same role while their kids are being engaged in a safe environment.

B) They are a loosely structured opportunity for parents/caregivers to play with their kids and vise-versa.

C) They are a chance for the kids to get exercise and socialization in a safe and developmentally appropriate way.

D) They are a chance for the kids to hone language skills through the repetition of the musical lyrics.

E) They are a chance for the kids to interact with music and to learn about themselves and their world through the playful activities that are presented by the songs.

These are weekly programs:

Because these families get together weekly, they create an extended family, a social network, a tribe and a mini-culture.

Parents get to know each other, they meet for lunch after the program, they help each other with their kids, they bond over parenting challenges, they laugh together, they cry together, they become a community and they become a movement.

Johnny Only Musical Playdates
The Bubble Song Finale at Johnny’s Musical Playdates is always a favorite.